SDBMX Presents Chris 'CJ' Jilly

“This Old Man’s Gonna Light It Up”

I’m CJ & This is My Story

I’m known as the Asian Sensation in the San Diego BMX community. You might think that CJ stands for Christopher Jilly, but it stands for Crazy Jumper. I’ve been doing tricks off the biggest jumps I could find since I was a young kid living in South Carolina. I ride for the adrenaline rush and wind in my face. I don’t let any trick go un-mastered. I recently cracked a rib doing a back flip, but you can always find me trying new tricks on my hot pink bike.

  • Strength 75% 75%
  • Skill 80% 80%
  • Ramp 70% 70%
  • Street 90% 90%

My Recent Work